1:00 PM RISC-V Update - Slides Video Krste Asanovic
1:30 PM An update on the lowRISC open source System-on-Chip - Slides Video Alex Bradbury
2:00 PM PULP: OpenRISC-based ultra-low power parallel platform - Video Francesco Conti
2:30 PM Pulpino - Slides Video Andreas Traber
3:00 PM Coffee break at venue (sponsored by CERN)  
3:20 PM Z-scale: Tiny 32-bit RISC-V Systems - Slides Video Yunsup Lee
3:50 PM Small footprint RISC-V core in Verilog - Video Tomasz Wlostowski
4:10 PM OPA: Out-of-Order Superscalar Soft CPU - Video Wesley W. Terpstra
4:40 PM Break  
5:00 PM Shakti RISC-V processors - Slides Video Rahul Bodduna
5:30 PM A fast RISC-V emulator in Javascript - How hard can it be? - Slides Video Sebastian Macke
6:30 PM TCP/IP Offload to Minion Cores using Rump Kernels - Slides Video Sebastian Wicki
6:00 PM lowRISC general discussion  
09:00 AM SM18@CERN tour  
10:00 AM    
10:30 AM Welcome + ORCONF history - Slides Video ORCONF organizers
11:00 AM FOSSi announcement - Video  
11:30 AM Nerabus Rob Taylor
12:00 PM Lunch  
1:10 PM Open Source HDL Synthesis and Verification with Yosys - Slides Video [Clifford Wolf(
1:40 PM Cocotb - Video [Chris Higgs(
2:10 PM Kactus2: Open Source IP-XACT tool - Slides Timo D. Hämäläinen/Esko Pekkarinen
2:40 PM Icarus VHDL - Slides Video Maciej Sumiński
3:00 PM Coffee break at venue (Sponsored by CERN)  
3:30 PM Open SoC debug - Video Stefan Wallentowitz
3:50 PM ORXSys - OpenRISC based eXtendible System - Video Alex Guo
4:10 PM Axiom 4K open filmmaking camera - a success story of collaboration around open source - Video Michael Gielda
4:40 PM Break  
5:00 PM Reduced Complexity ManyCore (RC/MC) - Slides Video Jörg Mische
5:30 PM SeL4 - Slides Video Hesham ALMatary
6:00 PM Writing hardware in OCaml, Running OCaml in hardware - Video Andrew Ray
10:30 AM Xeons + FPGA - Video Gaurav Kaul
11:00 AM AAP: An Altruistic Processor - Slides Video Simon Cook
11:30 AM Cosmic Pi - Slides Video James Dilwyn Devine
12:00 PM Lunch  
  Hardware Synthesis from Domain-Specific Languages - Video Nithin George
1:10 PM Interpretation of LGPL and GPL for HDL designs - Video Javier Serrano
2:00 PM Shipping ASICs and GPL3 - Video David Mazur
3:00 PM Go home!