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September 15th to 17th in Munich, Germany.

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FOSSi Foundation are pleased to announce ORConf 2023 will be taking place in beautiful Munich, Germany over the final weekend of September, 15th to 17th, 2023.

ORConf is an annual conference for open source digital, semiconductor and embedded systems designers and users. Each year attendees are treated to an ever-impressive array of presentations from all corners of the open source hardware space.

We invite anyone with an interest in the field to join us and also consider a presentation, big or small, on your experience as a developer or a user of open source digital design projects.

ORConf remains to be free to attend thanks to each year's sponsors. Please do get in touch should you be interested in getting exposure for your company by becoming a sponsor of ORConf!

ORConf is organized by the Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) Foundation.

Questions? Contact the organisers.

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ORConf 2023 will be held Hochschule M√ľnchen University of Applied Sciences.

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