The open source digital design conference

We're very pleased to announce that ORConf 2018 will be held from September 21st to 23rd in Gdansk, Poland, at the Gdansk University of Technology

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ORConf is an open source digital design and embedded systems conference, covering areas of electronics from the transistor level up to Linux user space and beyond. Expect presentations and discussion on free and open source IP projects, implementations on FPGA and in silicon, verification, EDA tools, licensing and embedded software, to name a few.

Begun as the annual OpenRISC developers and users conference, it has become a broad open source digital design-oriented event and is run by the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation.

The conference is free to attend, and we invite anyone with an interest in the field to participate by presenting or just joining us for the event. That means we're also looking for sponsors. Please do get in touch should you be interested in getting exposure for your company by becoming a sponsor of ORConf!

Sign up to the orconf-announce mailing list for further details as they're announced.


Registration for ORConf 2018 is not yet open, but sign up to the above mailing lists to be kept in the loop.

Presentation Submissions

ORConf is a very broad church and welcome any and all relevant presentations on the field of open source digital design - IP cores, verification IP, tools, systems, flows, methodologies. You don't have to be a developer, we would also love to hear user experiences of integrating IP, or adopting tools in other closed-source or proprietary (boo) systems.

Presentation submissions are now open, please fill in this form and the organizers will get back to you.


The conference will run from about 12:30PM on Friday the 21st until around 3PM on the Sunday, permitting people to travel on the first and last day of the event and not miss any sessions.

The running order will be determined closer to the event.


ORConf 2018 is being hosted by the Gdansk University of Technology.

GdaƄsk University of Technology, founded in 1904, is among 9 Polish universities listed by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The university consists of 9 faculties with nearly 23,000 students of all cycles, over 1,200 lecturers and it has more than 111,000 graduates. The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (ETI) educates about 3,500 students in five fields of studies: Informatics, Electronics and Telecommunications, Control Engineering and Robotics, Data Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. ETI is the largest university in Northern Poland in the area of modern technologies, employing nearly 200 researchers and lecturers. The faculty has an extensive research and didactic infrastructure at its disposal. There is also academic computer centre with one of the fastest supercomputer in Europe, as well as a state-of-the art library, anechoic chambers for acoustic research and antenna measurements, modern laboratory of industrial robots, immersive 3d visualization lab, as well as Microsoft and Cadence certified laboratories.

Saturday evening dinner

As is tradition at ORConf, a dinner will be arranged for the Saturday evening (22nd) which all conference attendees and partners are encouraged to attend.

Getting around

We'll provide a guide on getting to and from the conference venue when we can.

Getting there

Similarly, we'll provide a guide on getting to Gdansk when we can. However Gdansk has an international airport and is served by many low-cost European airlines, as well as rail links.


When we know of some good options in Gdansk we'll suggest them.


The event is arranged by the conference committee of the FOSSi Foundation, and they are always looking for sponsors help to cover the costs.
Please get in touch if you'd like to be an ORConf sponsor this year.

You can also support us with small donations via Paypal:

Questions? Contact the organisers or ask in #fossi on irc.freenode.net