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September 15th to 17th in Munich, Germany.

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FOSSi Foundation are pleased to announce ORConf 2023 will be taking place in beautiful Munich, Germany on September, 15th to 17th, 2023. It will start Friday morning and Sunday is currently reserved for tutorials and workshops.

ORConf is an annual conference for open source digital, semiconductor and embedded systems designers and users. Each year attendees are treated to an ever-impressive array of presentations from all corners of the open source hardware space.

We invite anyone with an interest in the field to join us and also consider a presentation, big or small, on your experience as a developer or a user of open source digital design projects.

ORConf remains to be free to attend thanks to each year's sponsors. Please do get in touch should you be interested in getting exposure for your company by becoming a sponsor of ORConf!

ORConf is organized by the Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) Foundation.

Questions? Contact the organisers.

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Attendance of ORConf is free. To help us organizing the event, you are required to register using the button below or via the EventBrite link.

Professional Tickets

Attendees who are joining us at ORConf on behalf of their company and/or can claim the conference as professional training expense are encouraged to purchase a professional ticket. These ticket sales help us provide all that we do at ORConf and keep the event accessible to all members of the community. Professional ticket holders are able to get their company name printed on their name badge and receive a special treat. You can buy professional tickets using the button below or via the EventBrite link.

We ask all ORConf participants to adhere to the the FOSSi Foundation code of conduct throughout the event.

Submit a talk

We encourage anyone involved in the open source semiconductor engineering space to come along and give share your work or experience.

This year we're offering lightning talk and 15-minute speaking slots, with the choice of opting in to be considered for an extended slot of 30-40 minutes. We are intentionally reducing the standard speaking slot length this year to ensure we can accomodate all of the exceptional talk submissions we recieve, and to maximise face-to-face time throughout the event. We encourage speakers to skip the technical deep-dive presentations and instead provide high-level introductions and overviews of what makes their work great, and prepare a poster or hardware demo for people to come and discuss details during the breaks.

So if you've designed, worked on or even just used open source IP cores and/or management systems, verification IP, build flows, SoCs, simulators, synthesis tools, FPGA and ASIC implementation tools, languages and DSLs, compilers, or anything related we'd love to have you join us to share your experience.


ORConf 2023 will be held Hochschule M√ľnchen University of Applied Sciences.

Headline Sponsor

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ORConf is an excellent opportunity for sponsors to show their support for the open source silicon community. Interested? Read our sponsorship flyer to learn more

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